Fight against the Yakuza, the Italians and the Russians. You must help Vinnie and his gang in sift heads street wars.

Their lives are at stake and they could get killed in the midst of a dangerous sift heads street war.

Sift Heads Street Wars

The gang of Sift Heads are back. This time, they'll be facing a new mission that involves the world's toughest organizations aka mafias. If you think that the story has already ended, you'll just have to face the reality that foes will continue to seek for revenge. Now, they are even more determined to kill Vinnie. Your goal is to help Vinnie fight against these powerful mafias as you try to counter their attacks. And just the like usual drill, the game will greet you with its cool intro. As a matter of fact, Sift Heads Street Wars is the prologue to Pyrozen's famous Sift Heads game. You'll never know what comes next unless you pass a certain stage of the game. But before anything else, you should know that the level of difficulty of this game is above average. You have to be wise and quick to win over your enemies. There are lots of them. Often times, you will be confronted with a troop of Yakuzas, etc. Don't worry. You are well equipped with guns and you can always device a nice strategy to outwit your opponents. To control your character, you must be flexible enough to use your weapons while running. Press the W, A, S, D keys to move around your area. You can also use the SHIFT key to run throughout the streets. Most importantly, use your mouse to aim and shoot your enemies. Sift Heads Street Wars isn't your ordinary kind of shooting game. It features its well-detailed plot that can definitely get you hooked for days.